Alpine Racing TRX Simulator & S-Argame Augmented Reality Projector

Alpine Racing TRX Simulator

Get ready to get on the track and race for the checkered flag!  Metaverse Game Truck is excited to offer the amazing Alpine Racing TRX Simulator, that lets you change seating positions from “GT” to “Formula 1” easily, for the most realistic racing simulation ever available!

Alpine TRX Virtual Reality Racing simulator rental in Austin, Texas

Developed alongside Alpine F1 engineers
Switch between Formula and GT seating position in minutes
Beautifully designed and extremely adjustable

Virtual reality racing simulator rental in Austin, Texas

Contact us for pricing and availability!
We’ll drop the Alpine TRX Simulator off before your event and return to pick it up!
Pair your Alpine TRX with the S-ARGAME Augmented Reality Projector (scroll down below) for the ultimate event entertainment combo!

S-ARGAME Augmented Reality Projector

S-ARGAME is an immersive arcade gaming experience that transforms your physical space into a spatial augmented gaming platform using  a PC, projector, and spatial augmented reality (AR) software.

S-ARGAME maps the walls and floor of your home and projects virtual content that interacts with real-world objects, such as windows and doors.  The “retro” games mimic the fun of 80’s and 90’s video games with an awesome sychro twist of neon and movement.

We’ll drop off the S-ARGAME system and set it up for you, then pick it up when your event is over.  Pair the S-ARGAME with our amazing Alpine Racing TRX simulator (above) for the ultimate party entertainment combo!  Contact us for pricing!