About Us

Metaverse game truck Austin Texas video game and virtual reality party

Locally-owned, Family-Run!

Metaverse Game Truck owners Travis and Stacy TannerMetaverse Game Truck is a local family owned and operated business. Owners Travis and Stacy Tanner will be the ones to service your special event and are fully dedicated to make your party rock!  Travis started playing video games with Coleco and Atari when they first came out and first started learning the ins and outs of video games by reading Nintendo Power & Gamepro magazine before the internet even existed. Stacy was also an “Atari kid” who would ride her bike to Stop & Go to play endless hours of Street Fighter on the arcade console. We love video games and are excited to offer Austin’s premier video gaming and VR experience for any event.

More games, more Virtual Reality…we’ve got it all!

We have an extensive library of over 500 games to choose from. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed… we’ve categorized and will match games to your party needs.  An example: If you don’t want violent games we have fun games for a younger audience. We have transformed the Minecraft & Fortnite alike games of old into an immersive virtual reality experience. That’s right… Minecraft In VR! We have the best-in-class content that won the 2019 VR educational award. Our libraries even include offerings like VR escape rooms, Religious Education, Educational K-12 content and documentaries to custom-fit your needs. WE HAVE IT ALL! You can even host a VR concert. We can transform multiple games into monthly tournaments with cash prizes! Our extensive game library includes exclusive games that you cannot get at any arcade, making your event unique!

High-Tech Gaming Comes Right To You!

This is the most advanced video game trailer available on the market. We have 4 Valve Index Virtual Reality headsets that run at 120hz, allowing the fastest and most high-tech play in the industry. With full-body tracking and “haptic hand feedback” these VR stations are unmatched. We have 4 VR accessory rifles attached to slings for the best shooter game experience. For those that experience motion sickness we have motion tracking systems and fans to reduce any discomfort while you are fully immersed in the game. We have the only mobile professional 3DOF “Three degrees of freedom ” Motion Simulator VR platform available in the area. We have racing and flying games available that will blow your mind! On the outside of the trailer we have 4 50 inch TV’s to play a large selection of your choice of Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 games.

We look forward to providing you with the Greater Austin area’s most exciting video game and VR experience. See you soon!