Zombie Water Battle/Blaster Master

Get ready for wet, wild & crazy fun!

Metaverse Game Truck is proud to offer our newest party entertainment that’s sure to thrill your party guests!  

Zombie Water Battle Tag pits your team of 8 against “zombies” armed with soaking wet soft “plushy” balls.  Your team has to work together using foot pumps to fill an empty bucket of water from a full bucket while the wet plush balls are being hurled by a “zombie.” Those that get hit become zombies, throwing plush balls at the others.  Once the bucket is full, players fight back against the zombies with plush balls, and win!  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Blaster Master is a game reminiscent of the old “American Gladiators” show where players run through an obstacle course while being “fired at” from other players with nerf guns.  Make it to the next obstacle and grab the blaster there.  Hit the target and run to the next obstacle without getting “hit.” Who can make it through the entire course and become the next great Blaster Master?  Contact us for pricing and availability.