Metaverse game truck Austin Texas video game and virtual reality party

Metaverse video game party truck and trailer

The guest of honor (and all your guests) will be amazed when the Metaverse Game Truck game truck  arrives! Inside our amazing game theater, we provide four stand-up Virtual Reality stations, equipped with Valve Index VR Systems! Up front, our “Thee Degrees of Freedom” VR simulator allows incredible racing and flight simulation. With our eight additional video gaming stations in our outside “shadow box” consoles, up to 21 can play at one time!  The Metaverse Game Truck takes gaming and virtual reality to the next level!

Metaverse VR video game truck in Austin, Texas

High-Tech Video Gaming with the Latest Game Consoles
The Metaverse Game Truck video game truck is equipped with consoles from PS5, XBox One X and Nintendo Switch.  Our technology is UNMATCHED by our competitors!  Our outdoor play area includes canopies, 18 chairs, and even POWER HEATERS and POWER FANS for year-round comfort!

Metaverse video game truck party