Metaverse Game Truck is excited to offer private virtual reality gaming parties that bring the excitement of “Mixed Reality” gaming!  Perfect for corporate events, team building, sports teams and clubs, community events and more!  No game truck is required, as this VR gaming event is held right at your venue…in your space!  Your space becomes a part of the game!

What is Mixed Reality Gaming?

Using state-of-the-art Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headsets, players merge “real life” with “game life.”  The VR headset cameras combine “real vision” with “game vision” so players interact with each other and their surroundings in the game.  Virtual Reality never looked so REAL!

We bring up to 8 Meta Quest 3 VR headsets, allowing 8 players to compete in fast-paced interactive games with (or against) one another in real time!  

Check out some of our Mixed VR Offerings:

Spatial Ops:  
Spatial Ops is the world’s first competitive, multiplayer shooter in mixed reality. Turn any real-world space into an urban battlefield and dominate your friends in pulse-pounding passthrough FPS action. Spatial Ops supports 1-8 players

Saber City:
Saber City is a 2-player co-located dueling game for Meta Quest. 2 players can link their headsets in the same physical space and battle with melee and ranged weapons. Saber City features video passthrough gameplay, so you and a friend can see each other in the real world via the Oculus Quest’s cameras and battle in AR.

First Encounters:
Discover mixed reality on Meta Quest 3 with First Encounters. You are on a strange new planet and pesky space puffians are about to flood into your room. Catch as many as you can before time runs out – match colors for a high score!

Coming Soon: Laser Dance
An upcoming mixed-reality game that turns your living room into a laser obstacle course. Get ready to dance, dodge, and crawl your way to victory in this party game.

Metaverse Indoor Mixed VR parties are perfect for corporate and business events, promotions, grand openings, employee rewards, and more!  Looking for entertainment for your club, group or sports team?  Let us customize a VR party at your place!

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