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Metaverse game truck Austin Texas video game and virtual reality party

ALL the best games & consoles!

At Metaverse, we’re gamers…just  like you!  We have curated an amazing collection of over 500 games….the latest and greatest games along with classics that everybody loves!  Dancing games, sports games, role-playing games and so much more! We’ve got games for every age, style and taste! In addition to our Virtual Reality gaming stations inside the Metaverse Game Truck, we’ve got 4 high-definition gaming stations in our exterior “shadow box” compartments that allow 16 to game at once….that’s 21 guests experiencing the best gaming and VR play at once!

video game truck party in Austin Texas

We’ve got four exterior-mounted gaming stations and the best video game collection anywhere! Up to 16 players can play at our video gaming stations, with 5 more utilizing our VR stations inside. That’s 21 players at once!

Virtual Reality Gaming
Immerse yourself IN THE GAME!

Get ready for Metro Austin’s most incredible Virtual Reality gaming experience!  Metaverse Game Truck brings FOUR stand-up Virtual Reality Stations in our mobile game theater, along with our “Three Degrees of Freedom” custom-designed VR Racing and Flight Simulator!

virtual reality video game party in greater Austin Texas

Our VR Stations utilize the incredible Valve Index VR System, complete with full-body motion tracking and haptic hand feedback.  These ultra-high-tech VR systems run at a blazing 120hz for action so lifelike, you’ll swear you are truly a part of the game!  We even offer “wind tunnel” fans to reduce the possibility of motion sickness for those who may have experienced it in the past.  We’ve thought of everything!

virtual reality video game truck trailer party in Austin Texas

The best VR system available means the most amazing Virtual Reality experience! We bring it all right to you!