VR Combat

Metaverse game truck Austin Texas video game and virtual reality party

Get on a virtual BATTLEFIELD!

Metaverse Game Truck brings Metro Austin’s most incredible Virtual Reality game theater, with four independent stand-up VR stations.  We utilize the latest high-tech consoles and VR Headsets from STEAM VR, providing full-body tracking and haptic hand feedback.  Your heart will pound as you look for cover, scope out the enemy and move in to take the bad guys out.

virtual reality video game truck party in Austin Texas

We’ve got the amazing Virtual Rifle Systems MKIII VR assault rifle in four colors with attached slings! You’ll see why this is considered the premier VR rifle!

We’ve got the bHaptics Tactsuitx16!

Metaverse Game Truck is proud to offer the ultimate Virtual Reality physical feedback…the Tactsuitx16!  Haptic feedback lets you FEEL the game through your body…when you’re hit, your heart pounding in your chest, grabbing “power ups,” feeling the beat of the music and much more!  You and your friends will be even more immersed in the Metaverse!